Bitter Guard can Do Wonders to Your Health and Wellness!

Bitter Guard, more commonly known as “Karela” in hindi. This healthy vegetable has several names such as Bitter Gourd, Bitter Squash and Bitter Melon in English. The first thing that comes to the mind of an individual seeing it is its bitterness in the name. They are light or dark green in color and generally depend on the region where they have grown. Although, the taste is very bitter, bitter guard is filled with numerous beneficial vitamins and essential antioxidants.

Bitter Guard can be easily consumed in so many other ways like pickle, drinking its juice or using them in various recipes. Let move further and quickly look at some of its most well known health benefits of Bitter Melon:

  • Get Rid of Acne

Eating bitter guard can undoubtedly help you get rid of blemishes, acne and deep skin infections.  This vegetable is highly useful to treat blood disorders like scabies, blood boils, itching, ring-worm, psoriasis and other fungal diseases.

  • Fight Diabetes

The juice of bitter guard is the most common and effective remedy to overcome type2 diabetes. As per the recent study, this vegetable has proven that it is no folk lore. Bitter gourd helps to activate the kinases due to which the sugar increase absorption increases and helps in bringing diabetes in control.

  • Constipation

This incredible vegetable contains fiber properties that help in easy digestion. Bitter guard helps to digest the food properly and throw the waste out of the body that easily helps to cure the problem of constipation and indigestion.

  • Helps to Lose Weight

Rich in antioxidants, this vegetable helps to improve your metabolism and digestive system that help you to lose weight efficiently and quickly. Bitter guard further helps to control the calorie consumption and helps you to suppress your hunger.

  • Prevents Heart Disease

Bitter guard is extremely good for heart in numerous ways. This vegetable help to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in your body and reduces the chances of heart attacks. Besides this, it is popularly known to lower the blood sugar levels, which help in maintaining the health of the heart.

Final Verdict!

The goal of Bitter Guard is to provide the people clear and safe preparation and recommended dosage so that the consumers will realize the greatest benefit from consuming fresh bitter gourd products. So, don’t wait anymore and include bitter guard in your diet today only and get ready to experience the change.